A Simple Weather App using React and Redux

Oct 23, 2021
A Simple Weather App using React and Redux

SimpleWeather is a small SPA I do as a pet project.

So it's still in development.

Hello! This is my first SPA using a combination of React and Redux.
It implements the loading of data from API of
I also used the MUI library for buttons and a react-router to navigate through the pages.

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How to use

🐱‍🏍Go to the gh-pages!


  1. You need to register at and get an API key (Note that the request has all the checkboxes next to the fields in the tab "API Response Fields").
  2. Clone this repository.
git clone
  1. Go to the cloned directory (e.g. cd SimpleWeather).
  2. Add the API key to the ".env.example" file
  3. Run npm install.
  4. Run npm start. The command will start a local live server. Open (http://localhost:3000/SimpleWeather) in your browser, if the tab doesn't open automatically.