Displays video with object-fit: cover with fallback for IE

Dec 18, 2018
Displays video with object-fit: cover with fallback for IE


A small React component rendering a video with object-fit: cover, or a Fallback if object-fit is not available.

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npm install --save react-video-cover

Basic Usage

Okay, let's say you have a simple video tag like this

<video src="" />

Now you want to display this video so that it always fills some container, while keeping the correct aspect ratio. For this example the container will be 300px by 300px:

<div style={{ width: '300px', height: '300px', overflow: 'hidden', }}> <video src="" /> </div>

We can use object-fit: cover to let the video fill the container:

<div style={{ width: '300px', height: '300px', overflow: 'hidden', }}> <video style={{ objectFit: 'cover', width: '100%', height: '100%', }} src="" /> </div>

The only problem with this: object-fit is not implemented by IE and Edge.
If you do not have to support IE, I would suggest that you stop right here.
If you want to get the same effect in IE, simply replace the video tag with the react-video-cover component:

<div style={{ width: '300px', height: '300px', overflow: 'hidden', }}> <VideoCover videoOptions={{src: ''}} /> </div>

react-video-cover will set width: 100% and height: 100% because I think these are sensible defaults. You can use the style prop to overwrite it.

Here is the complete example, which also allows you to play/pause by clicking the video:

class MinimalCoverExample extends Component { render() { const videoOptions = { src: '', ref: videoRef => { this.videoRef = videoRef; }, onClick: () => { if (this.videoRef && this.videoRef.paused) {; } else if (this.videoRef) { this.videoRef.pause(); } }, title: 'click to play/pause', }; return ( <div style={{ width: '300px', height: '300px', overflow: 'hidden', }}> <VideoCover videoOptions={videoOptions} /> </div> ); } }

It is also available as Example 3 on the demo-page.



type: Object
default: undefined
All members of videoOptions will be passed as props to the .


type: Object
default: undefined

Additional styles which will be merged with those defined by this component.
Please note that some styles are not possible to override, in particular:

  • object-fit: cover (when the fallback is not used)
  • position: relative and overflow: hidden (when the fallback is used)


type: String
default: undefined
Use this to set a custom className.


type: Boolean
default: false
This component will use object-fit: cover if available, that is in all modern browsers except IE.
This prop forces use of the fallback. This is helpful during troubleshooting,
but apart from that you should not use it.


type: Boolean
default: false
If set, an event listener on window-resize is added when the Fallback is used.
It will re-evaluate the aspect-ratio and update the styles if necessary.
This has no effect if the fallback is not used.
The classic example where it makes sense to use this is when using a background video.
If you need to react to different events to re-measure the aspect-ratio please see the onFallbackDidMount prop.


type: Function
default: undefined
Will be executed when the Fallback is mounted.
The only parameter is a function, which can be used to force a re-measuring, for example after the size of the surrounding container has changed.
Please note that this will only be invoked if the fallback is used, that is in IE.
See ResizableCoverExample for an example implementation.


type: Function
default: undefined
Will be executed before the Fallback unmounts.
You probably want to use this to clear any event-listeners added in onFallbackDidMount.


To start a webpack-dev-server with the examples:

npm start

Then open http://localhost:3000/react-video-cover

To build the examples:

npm run build-examples

You can find the results in dist_examples.

To build the Component as published to npm:

npm run build

You can find the results in dist.