React component wrapper for filestack-js

Jun 07, 2018
React component wrapper for filestack-js

Filestack React

This is the official React component for Filestack API and content management system that makes it easy to add powerful file uploading and transformation capabilities to any web or mobile application.


Install filestack-react and filestack-js through npm.

npm install filestack-react filestack-js


const ReactFilestack = require('filestack-react');

In ES2015

import ReactFilestack from 'filestack-react';

Import with filestack-js client

import ReactFilestack, { client } from 'filestack-react';

client is available from version 1.3.4


You should register on the Filestack website and get an API key first!

1. Custom Designed button

<ReactFilestack apikey={YOUR_API_KEY} buttonText="Click me" buttonClass="classname" options={options} onSuccess={this.yourCallbackFunction} />

2. Custom render

<ReactFilestack apikey={apikey} options={options} onSuccess={onSuccess} onError={onError} render={({ onPick }) => ( <div> <strong>Find an avatar</strong> <button onClick={onPick}>Pick</button> </div> )} />

3. Other modes

<ReactFilestack apikey={YOUR_API_KEY} mode="upload" options={options} onSuccess={onSuccess} />

Available modes:

Define your own options object and callback function, connect them to the component and get the result from Filestack:

const options = { accept: 'image/*', maxFiles: 5, storeTo: { location: 's3', }, }; onSuccess(result) { // handle result here }

Do you prefer a link instead of a button?

You can pass a custom prop link.

<ReactFilestack apikey={YOUR_API_KEY} options={options} onSuccess={this.yourCallbackFunction} link />

filestack-js client

You can also import the official client and decouple its React component ReactFilestack.
However, you will need to initialize it with the API key and any client options you need such as security, cname, and sessionCache.

import { client } from 'filestack-react'; const filestack = client.init('YOUR_API_KEY', options);


You can find the examples of using Pick in /examples/demo.


npm start

and connect to localhost:8080.

To try different functions go to /examples/demo2 and follow the same steps to run it.


Available Props

Please also see the Official JavaScript API reference


required, string. An API key for Filestack.


optional, string. default 'pick'. Can be one of pick, upload, transform, retrieve, metadata, remove.


optional object. use it to insert a file object in upload mode.


optional function. Handle the results after a successful response.


optional function. Handle errors.


optional object. Detailed options to customize the specific mode behavior. For example, for pick mode the following options are supported.


optional object. If you have security enabled, you will need to initialize
the client with a valid Filestack policy and signature in order to perform the requested call.


optional string. When using a custom button, you can set the text.


optional string. When using custom button, you can set className to style it.


optional Custom domain to use for all URLs. This requires the custom CNAME feature on your Filestack app.


optional If true then remember users (up to session expiry) when using the Filestack Cloud API. By default users need to authenticate on every pick.