A blazing fast reactive table component that gives you freedom

Dec 28, 2020
A blazing fast reactive table component that gives you freedom

Solid Table

Solid Table is a blazing fast reactive table component that gives you freedom.

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  • Very fast as it is compiled down to VanilaJS using Solid
  • Zero dependency and very small (~13KB)
  • Automatic sorting
  • Support for custom header and row renderers (so the cells can be components themselves)
  • Support for custom sort functions
  • Support for onClick on all rows
  • Support for DOM accessors
  • The library is fully tested with 90% of code coverage.



npm install --save solid-simple-table


import { render } from "solid-js/web" import { SimpleTable } from "solid-simple-table" import type { SortDirection } from "solid-simple-table" const rows = [ { file: "C:/a", message: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur", severity: "error" }, { file: "C:/b", message: "Vivamus tincidunt ligula ut ligula laoreet faucibus", severity: "warning" }, { file: "C:/c", message: "Proin tincidunt justo nulla, sit amet accumsan lectus pretium vel", severity: "info" }, { file: "C:/d", message: "Cras faucibus eget ante ut consectetur", severity: "error" }, ] function MyTable() { return <SimpleTable rows={rows} /> } render(() => <MyTable />, document.getElementById("app"))

For other examples, see the demo folder.


<SimpleTable // rows rows: Array<Row> // Optional props: // columns // manually provided columns columns?: Array<Column<K>> /** if columns is not provided and Row is an object, construct columns based on this row Takes this Row's keys as Column IDs @default 0 (first row) */ representitiveRowNumber?: number // renderers headerRenderer?(column: Column): string | Renderable bodyRenderer?(row: Row, columnID: K): string | Renderable // styles style?: JSX.CSSProperties | string className?: string // sort options defaultSortDirection?: NonNullSortDirection<K> rowSorter?(rows: Array<Row>, sortDirection: NonNullSortDirection<K>): Array<Row> // accessors /** set to true if you want column, row, and cell accessors @default false */ accessors?: boolean /** a function that takes row and returns string unique key for that row @default {defaultGetRowID} */ getRowID?(row: Row): string />;

In which:

// util types export type Renderable = any export type IndexType = string | number // row and column types export type Row = number | string | Record<IndexType, any> export type Column<K extends IndexType = IndexType> = { id: K label?: string sortable?: boolean onClick?(e: MouseEvent, row: Row): void } /** Sort direction. It is a tuple: @columnID is the key used for sorting @type is the direction of the sort */ export type NonNullSortDirection<K extends IndexType = IndexType> = [columnID: K, type: "asc" | "desc"] export type SortDirection<K extends IndexType = IndexType> = NonNullSortDirection<K> | [columnID: null, type: null]