React multiselect dropdown with search and various options

May 04, 2021
React multiselect dropdown with search and various options


A React component which provides multi select functionality with various features like selection limit, CSS customization, checkbox, search option, disable preselected values, flat array, keyboard navigation for accessibility and grouping features. Also it has feature to behave like normal dropdown(means single select dropdown).

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Getting Started

1. Installation

npm install multiselect-react-dropdown

2. Basic Usage

import { Multiselect } from 'multiselect-react-dropdown'; this.state = { options: [{name: 'Srigar', id: 1},{name: 'Sam', id: 2}] }; <Multiselect options={this.state.options} // Options to display in the dropdown selectedValues={this.state.selectedValue} // Preselected value to persist in dropdown onSelect={this.onSelect} // Function will trigger on select event onRemove={this.onRemove} // Function will trigger on remove event displayValue="name" // Property name to display in the dropdown options /> onSelect(selectedList, selectedItem) { ... } onRemove(selectedList, removedItem) { ... }

3. Props

optionsarray[]Dropdown options
onSelectfunctionfuncCallback function will invoked on select event. Params are selectedList & selectedItem
onRemovefunctionfuncCallback function will invoked on remove event. Params are selectedList & removedItem
singleSelectbooleanfalseMake it true to behave like a normal dropdown(single select dropdown)
selectedValuesarray[]Preselected value to persist in dropdown
showCheckboxboolfalseTo display checkbox option in the dropdown
selectionLimitnumber-1You can limit the number of items that can be selected in a dropdown
placeholderstringSelectPlaceholder text
disablePreSelectedValuesboolfalsePrevent to deselect the preselected values
isObjectbooltrueMake it false to display flat array of string or number Ex. ['Test1',1]
displayValuestringvalueProperty name in the object to display in the dropdown. Refer Basic Usage section
emptyRecordMsgstringNo options availableMessage to display when no records found
groupBystring''Group the popup list items with the corresponding category by the property name in the object
closeIconstringcircleOption to select close icon instead of default. Refer Close Icon section
styleobject{}CSS Customization for multiselect. Refer below object for css customization.
caseSensitiveSearchboolfalseEnables case sensitivity on the search field.
closeOnSelectbooltrueDropdown get closed on select/remove item from options.
idstring''Id for the multiselect container and input field(In input field it will append '{id}_input').
avoidHighlightFirstOptionboolfalseBased on flag first option will get highlight whenever optionlist open.
hidePlaceholderboolfalseFor true, placeholder will be hidden if there is any selected values in multiselect
disableboolfalseFor true, dropdown will be disabled
onSearchfunctionfuncCallback function invoked on search in multiselect, helpful to make api call to load data from api based on search.
loadingboolfalseIf options is fetching from api, in the meantime, we can show loading... message in the list.
loadingMessageany''Custom loading message, it can be string or component.
showArrowboolfalseFor multiselect dropdown by default arrow wont show at the end, If required based on flag we can display
keepSearchTermboolfalseWhether or not to keep the search value after selecting or removing an item

4. Ref as a prop

By using React.createRef() or useRef(), able to access below methods to get or reset selected values

Method NameDescription
resetSelectedValuesProgramatically reset selected values and returns promise
getSelectedItemsGet all selected items
getSelectedItemsCountGet selected items count
constructor() { this.multiselectRef = React.createRef(); } resetValues() { // By calling the belowe method will reset the selected values programatically this.multiselectRef.current.resetSelectedValues(); } <Multiselect options={this.state.options} // Options to display in the dropdown ref={this.multiselectRef} />

5. CSS Customization

{ multiselectContainer: { // To change css for multiselect (Width,height,etc..) .... }, searchBox: { // To change search box element look border: none; font-size: 10px; min-height: 50px; }, inputField: { // To change input field position or margin margin: 5px; }, chips: { // To change css chips(Selected options) background: red; }, optionContainer: { // To change css for option container border: 2px solid; } option: { // To change css for dropdown options color: blue; }, groupHeading: { // To chanage group heading style .... } }

6. Close Icons