The ultimate Line Progress Bar UI for React

Jul 29, 2021
The ultimate Line Progress Bar UI for React


he ultimate Line Progress Bar UI for React - Supports Natural color gradients & Coherent border rounding

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šŸ“¦ Installation

# Install peer depedencies yarn add react react-dom styled-components # Install Frogress's Line Progress Bar component yarn add @frogress/line
  • styled-components will be replaced soon by React's internal StyleSheet(to reduce depedencies).

šŸš€ Usage

import { LineProgressBar } from '@frogress/line' <LineProgressBar percent={65} />

percent is the percentage of the progress bar(number type value with a range of 0 to 100).
This property is required in TypeScript, but it will default to 0 if you ignore it.

šŸ‘“ Compile-time Type checking

- <LineProgressBar percent={-32} /> - <LineProgressBar percent={-1} /> + <LineProgressBar percent={0} /> + <LineProgressBar percent={45} /> + <LineProgressBar percent={100} /> - <LineProgressBar percent={101} /> - <LineProgressBar percent={9999} />

The type is enforced so that only integers within the correct range are allowed.

šŸ’” What problem does this solve?


Lots of existing line progress bar UIs do not support color gradients or rounded edges.

Most implementations it wrong. The upper-left image is the most common mistake with inconsistent behavior; Gradients are shrunk with the progress width, border-radius is working strangely with small values.

šŸŒø Styling









# šŸ–Ø Clone git repository git clone cd frogress # šŸ“¦ Install depedencies yarn install # šŸ”Ø Build @frogress/line yarn workspace @frogress/line build # šŸƒā€ā™€ļø Run development server for @frogress/docs yarn workspace @frogress/docs dev