A simple React modal with hook based API

Oct 31, 2020
A simple React modal with hook based API


Need a simple modal that just works? react-simple-hook-modal is just that!

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Simply install the package from npm and you're good to go!

npm install react-simple-hook-modal or yarn add react-simple-hook-modal



react-simple-hook-modal has a super simple API and utilises React hooks.

  • Simply wrap your app in <ModalProvider/>
  • Add instances of <Modal/> wherever you want to display a modal
    • This will not render anything to the DOM here
    • Modals are rendered after allthe children in side <ModalProvider/>
  • Use the useModal hook to control your modal's state
  • Use the ModalTransition enum to optionally set the transition animation
    • Currently there are 3 to select from, or choose NONE to disable the transitions
import { ModalProvider, Modal, useModal, ModalTransition, } from 'react-simple-hook-modal'; const MyComponent = () => { const { isModalOpen, openModal, closeModal } = useModal(); return ( <> <button onClick={openModal}>Open</button> <Modal id="any-unique-identifier" isOpen={isModalOpen} transition={ModalTransition.BOTTOM_UP} > <button onClick={openModal}>Open</button> </Modal> </> ); }; const App = () => ( <ModalProvider> <MyComponent /> </ModalProvider> );


react-simple-hook-modal uses a subset of [tailwindcss][tailwind] under the hood. The tailwind classes used have a prefix of rsm added to avoid potential conflicts with your own styles. You can import the default styles using:

import 'react-simple-hook-modal/dist/styles.css';

ModalProvider also takes optional props:

  • backdropClassName which can contain one or more classes to append and override the default styles (e.g. Changing the backdrop colour can be done by adding the class bg-blue-800).

Modal also takes optional props:

  • modalClassName which can contain one or more classes to append to the default modal div.


See the example directory in the repository for a full example including multiple stacked modals.


If you have any issues, please create an issue here on GitHub.