A React component for Plaid Link

Feb 13, 2019
A React component for Plaid Link


A simple React component for easy integration with the Plaid Link drop-in module.

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npm install react-plaid-link --save

Example Usage

import React, { Component } from 'react' import PlaidLink from 'react-plaid-link' class App extends Component { handleOnSuccess(token, metadata) { // send token to client server } handleOnExit() { // handle the case when your user exits Link } render() { return ( <PlaidLink clientName="Your app name" env="sandbox" product={["auth", "transactions"]} publicKey="PLAID_PUBLIC_KEY" onExit={this.handleOnExit} onSuccess={this.handleOnSuccess}> Open Link and connect your bank! </PlaidLink> ) } } export default App

All Props

Please refer to the official Plaid Link docs for
a more holistic understanding of the various Link options.

<PlaidLink clientName="Your app name" env="sandbox" institution={null} publicKey={PLAID_PUBLIC_KEY} product={['auth', 'transactions']} apiVersion={'v1' || 'v2'} token={'public-token-123...'} selectAccount={true} // deprecated – use https://dashboard.plaid.com/link webhook="https://webhooks.test.com" onEvent={this.handleOnEvent} onExit={this.handleOnExit} onLoad={this.handleOnLoad} onSuccess={this.handleOnSuccess}> Open Link and connect a bank account to Plaid </PlaidLink>


Run tests:

make test


# install dependencies make setup # run a local server make start # open localhost:3000