A progressive React server side rendering framework

Aug 14, 2018
A progressive React server side rendering framework


A progressive React serverside-rendering framework.

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I love using Next.js, but most of my projects need to use our own web server framework while Next.js run it own server. So I begin making a SSR framework (core) that like Next.js but open for server implementation. It does all the building, compiling, rendering-to-string things and give the rest render-to-html things to your own web server.

Of course I know Next.js can custom server and routing, but while Next.js handle the whole http context, I cannot use it in a high layer web framework.

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Quick Start

npm i serlina react react-dom --save

Create a folder structure like:

├── index.js ├── page │   └── page1.js
// page/page1.js export default () => { return <div>Hello Serlina!</div> }

And implement a most simple http server:

// index.js const { Serlina } = require('serlina') const path = require('path') const http = require('http') const serlina = new Serlina({ baseDir: path.resolve(__dirname, './') }) serlina.prepare() .then(() => { http.createServer(async (req, res) => { res.writeHead(200, { 'Content-Type': 'text/html' }) if (req.url === '/page1') { const rendered = await serlina.render('page1') res.write(rendered.string) } else { res.write('works!') } res.end() }).listen(8090) }) .catch(console.error)

Open http://localhost:8090/page1, you will see the page you wrote in React!


npm run bootstrap npm test # run test


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