A twitter emoji picker written in react

Aug 15, 2020
A twitter emoji picker written in react

Emoji Picker

a virtualized twemoji picker written in react and typescript.

React Twemoji Picker is an emoji component made for fast show-and-scroll and filtering.

To do this, we virtualize emoji elements with react-window and react-window-infinite-loader, meaning elements are not rendered into the DOM until they are visible through the scroll viewport. This allows react-twemoji-picker to be used with input or contenteditable components which require fast responsivity.

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npm install --save github:brianhung/emojipicker


import { EmojiPicker } from 'react-twemoji-picker'; import EmojiData from "react-twemoji-picker/data/twemoji.json"; const emojiData = Object.freeze(EmojiData) const handleEmojiSelect = (emoji: EmojiObject) => console.log(emoji) <EmojiPicker emojiData={emojiData} handleEmojiSelect={handleEmojiSelect}/>

If you want to programatically get or set internal state (e.g. search), you have to use EmojiPickertRef
since EmojiPicker is a functional component. As an example,

import { EmojiPicker, EmojiPickerRef } from 'react-twemoji-picker'; const ref = React.createRef<EmojiPickerRef>() const handleSearch = (query: string) => ref.current.search(query); <EmojiPicker emojiData={emojiData} handleEmojiSelect={handleEmojiSelect} ref={ref}/> <input onChange={event => handleSearch(event.target.value)} placeholder="search"></input>