A dynamically updating retirement calculator with react

Oct 24, 2020
A dynamically updating retirement calculator with react

React Retirement Calculator

React Retirement Calculator is a front end application using recharts.js to provide a dynamically updating graph and user experience.


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React Retirement Calculator is a fun side project that I worked on while working at Fullstack Academy as a teaching fellow and software engineer.

I originally conceived of the idea for this calculator after a chapter of learning about personal finance. During that time, I had a favorite retirement calculator that just disappeared from the internet one day. So I figured I would try to recreate it and even improve upon it (since it was probably made in the early 2000's...)

This project is an updated version of a calculator I originally made in vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS.

The basic premise of this calculator is to show the power of compounding interest over time. This calculator has been a great asset for me when I need a little help with remembering to save money ;).


To install and locally run RRC clone or download the project to your machine and run the following commands:

Install all project dependencies:

$ npm install

To start the server and app:

$ npm start