A simple and flexible order book component with react

Jul 24, 2021
A simple and flexible order book component with react


react-order-book is a simple, flexible order book component. Pass in an order book as a prop, and cutomize the look and feel with plenty of configuration options, plus numerous styling hooks for visual customization.

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This component is perfect for:

  • Trading platforms
  • Order entry systems
  • Dashboards


  • Written in TypeScript
  • Small, simple, configurable, performant
  • Maintained by a team of finance industry professionals


You can run the demo locally. To get started:

git clone [email protected]:lab49/react-order-book.git npm install npm run storybook


npm install @lab49/react-order-book


import { OrderBook } from '@lab49/react-order-book'; // This is a simple order book structure. There's an array // of asks, and array of bids. Each entry in the array is // an array where the first index represents the price, // and the second index represents the "size", or the total // number of units of an asset offered at that price. const book = { asks: [ ['1.01', '2'], ['1.02', '3'], ], bids: [ ['0.99', '5'], ['0.98', '3'], ], }; <OrderBook book={book} />

As discussed above, there are a number of classnames you can use to add your own styles. There is an example of doing exactly that in the included Storybook. There's too many to list out, but by default, all DOM nodes have a classname prefixed with rob_OrderBook. As an example:

<OrderBook book={book} /> // Will render... <div class="rob_OrderBook"> <div class="rob_OrderBook__side rob_OrderBook__side--asks"> // ...more content </div> <div class="rob_OrderBook__side rob_OrderBook__side--bids"> // ...more content </div> </div>



<OrderBook /> is a (props: Props) => JSX.Element. See Props below for a description of the avilable props.

import { OrderBook } from '@lab49/react-order-book'; const MyComponent = () => <OrderBook book={book} />;


interface Props { /** * For the internaly calculated colors, apply a background-color in the DOM. */ applyBackgroundColor?: boolean; /** * Base color for the asks list. */ askColor?: RgbColor; /** * Base color for the bids list. */ bidColor?: RgbColor; /** * Order book object. */ book: OrderBook; /** * Use a value of 1 for the opacity of each row's generated color. */ fullOpacity?: boolean; /** * Color interpolator function. */ interpolateColor?: Interpolator; /** * Various layout options. */ layout?: Layout; /** * Limit the length of the rendered bids and asks. */ listLength?: number; /** * Show column headers. */ showHeaders?: boolean; /** * Show the spread. */ showSpread?: boolean; /** * Provide a custom spread value instead of letting OrderBook calculate it. */ spread?: string; /** * Prefix for the CSS class name in the DOM. */ stylePrefix?: string; }


Available layout modes. See the demo website for an example of what this looks like.

enum Layout { Row = 'row' }